Made in Nippon - 日本製

The Real McCoys - Tokyo

Cobi Coffee (Omotesando)

Coutume (Custom in French)
This “steampunk” styled and crafted shop in my opinion might be one of the best in Tokyo. Their Aoyama Special Blend wasn’t my favourite in terms of taste but that’s not to say it wasn’t good coffee. This siphon is the first I’ve seen around and so far I’m a fan.

Coffee: 9/10; Location: Omotesando, 5 min from the station; Design: brilliant, unique; beans: large selection ( as well as other accessories); Wifi: unknown.

Shozo Coffee Store (Omotesando)
Coffee- Amazing, try the Rum Classic; Service- Friendly; Location- close to the station in the cozy 246Common farmer’s market; Beans- 5 options; Wifi- none.

Paddlers -Harajuku Todd Snyder

Blauw Espresso (Yoyogi)
Coffee 8.5, 9; Service 10, Yo is the man, extremely friendly; Location 5 min walk from Yoyogi Station; Beans 1 option; Wifi none

CORE - Composed Of Real Elements

Rainbow - Good People & Good Coffee (Ikejiri- Ohashi)

Coffee- 8.0; Service- Sociable; Location- 5-10 min. walk from Ikejiri-Ohashi; Decor- Creative; Beans- minimal but available; Wifi- none

Coffee Exlibris - Shimokitazawa
Service- professional; Hours- inconvenient (1pm~); Coffee- 8.5; Location- walking distance; Decor- simple, countryside; WIFI- none

Rats Spring ‘14

Mister Hollywood / N. Hoolywood

Little Nap Coffee (Yoyogi- Uehara)
Coffee: 8/10; Location: Cozy; Service: 7/10, Simple; Decor: 7/10, Creative but lacks focus or a steady theme, could be considered cluttered; Beans: 3/10, limited selection; Wifi: none.